How To Repair A PS3 Unclassified Battery After USB Cable Removed

Okay gaes, this time I will make an article about how to fix PS3 sticks that are disconnected from PS Computers / Laptops after the USB cable has been removed, where the sticks should be connected automatically with Bluetooth Laptops marked with all four stick lights (4 flashing lights = mode charging) blinks into 1 light that blinks, the stick is for Player 1.

This error is for those of you who connect the PS3 Stick with the help of the SCPToolkit application. This I experienced when I wanted to connect the PS3 Stick with a laptop for the first time, so this was a personal experience. Here’s How To Fix PS3 Sticks That Are Not Connected After The USB Cable Is Unplugged.

Make sure there is only 1 Bluetooth installed on the laptop
Maybe you will use the USB Bluetoot Dongle CSR, but if your laptop already has Bluetooth, you don’t need a USB Bluetooth dongle anymore. You can use the laptop’s built-in Bluetooth to connect the Stick with the Laptop using the SCPToolkit application.

The presence of 2 Bluetooth on one laptop makes the SCPToolkit driver error or does not work properly, so you only need to install 1 Bluetooth only. Unless you are putting your PS3 Stick on a Computer device which incidentally does not have a Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth may be damaged on the stick
In my opinion this rarely happens, because Bluetooth components on the stick stick firmly on the mainboard including the antenna. To be sure, try connecting the Bluetooth Stick with the PS3 Console or other devices such as smartphones.

Bluetooth CSR Antenna May Be Damaged
Could be the cause is a faulty USB Bluetooth CSR. CSR devices are small and fragile, besides the antenna on CSR is usually attached to the case. So if the case collides or is squashed, this can cause damage.

Incorrect SCPToolkit Installation Method
To make sure you are following the correct tutorial on how to connect the PS3 Stick to the Laptop, please read How to Connect the PS3 Stick to the Laptop Correctly, which I have practiced for myself.

Those are some tips that might happen to those of you who want to play PC games with PS3 sticks. If the tips above are still not effective, try writing in the comments maybe there are some things that I haven’t written above. While PS3 has the same sticks as the console hhe … so it can be practiced.

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