How to register a site on Google News and Get the benefits

This time I have another post, this post is perfect for bloggers / publishers who have a Popular News genre site. That is how to register a site on Google News and what benefits will be obtained if it has been received. Before discussing the main topic, we should first find out what Google News is.

What is Google News?
Based on what I quoted from English Wikipedia, Google News is an aggregator and news application developed by Google. It presents a continuous and customizable article flow, organized from thousands of publishers and magazines. Google News is available on Android, iOS and the web. The following picture is a Google News application for android, some posts can also appear in the Chrome application.

Registered as part of Google News is good news for publishers, why is that? because this will bring a very positive impact on the site owner. There are a myriad of key benefits (the most sought after by publishers) if they become part of Google News. Here are some that I can mention.

Benefits If the Site is Received by Google News

Significantly Increased Traffic Increases
The first thing felt by publishers was the increase in the amount of traffic that was so high, yup the Google application has been embedded in an Android smartphone where everyone must have. when you post a news for a certain location automatically your posts may appear on Google Applications.

Increased Adsense Revenue
Increased traffic to the site will also be followed by an increase in the amount of Adsense revenue, a good ad placement will make Adsens revenue can be doubled. So for those of you who have news sites, register your site immediately with Google News by following the tutorial that I will explain later :).

Faster Indexed By Google Search
Google News like the second Google Webmaster Tool, posts can appear immediately in Google’s search in minutes. Someone needs the latest and updated information, here Google seems to prioritize news genre sites so that they are quickly indexed. Because of the nature of the fast-paced news information, it’s not viral anymore.

It’s different if you submit to Google Webmaster Tool, your blog post might be indexed after a few days or even the most severe one just indexed in a few weeks :(.

It’s Easy to Perch in First Position in Google Search
Because of the nature of the news which is temporary and has a slight level of competition (Hurry up posting so that the most up to date), of course, so that the level of competition should be a little fast to post quickly to other sites also post.

But from the various lucrative advantages of Google News, there are conditions that must be met on your site. Here are some conditions that must be met by publishers if you want to register on Google News.

Terms for Registering a Site on Google News

The site must have a TLD domain
The first requirement is that the site’s domain must be TLD (Top Level Domain), for example is not You cannot register a site that still uses a subdomain, for example or

The Contents of Site is Discussing That Are Happening Worldwide
You could say the type of site in question is a News site but does not cover it alone, other genre sites can also for example if your site discusses technology. You can post the latest news about Windows 10 updates as done by the site. Or other sites that discuss games like, this site discusses updates on the latest games to be released.

If you have just read my article and it turns out that your blog is a tutorial blog you could say your chances of being accepted by Google News are very small. It’s OK to make a tutorial article but at least about things that are hot-hot, for example a case of ramsomware virus, you can make an article about a tutorial on how to deal with Ramsomware virus, instead it is recommended.

Appearance Of Interesting And Friendly Sites For Visitors
What does it mean to be friendly? friendly terms for the site itself for example such as sites that are easy to navigate, responsive site pages which means they can display well in all screen sizes. Easy to navigate means it doesn’t provide annoying Pop-Up pages (pop-ups / new tabs) plus the site is easy to navigate by visitors or Google bots. And of course it’s lightweight and fast to load on various network qualities.

Has Many Writers
Whether this is optional or not, but sites that enter Google News usually have many writers. So many posts related to certain topics are up to date to be read where even one day can be up to dozens of posts.

Blog / Site Has Aged
Make sure your site is old and also make sure when you build a blog, your blog has a good reputation in the eyes of Google, meaning that your site provides information as it is in accordance with the facts that happened instead of a story.

Use Hosting That Is Not Easy To Down When Traffic Soars
These are just tips, if your blog / site has been accepted by Google News, you should upgrade your site hosting. This is to prevent your site from going down when the site gets a lot of traffic from Google News at the same time.

Well, if your site meets the above requirements, what are you waiting for when you try to register your site on Google News.

Tutorial Registering Site to Google News

  1. Open the following link …..
  2. When the above page opens, you will see all your verified site listings in the Google Webmaster Tool, then we choose one to register with Google News. Verified sites have “Request Inclusion in Google News” notifications, and sites that have registered for Google news will have “Inclusion Request Submitted” notifications. As in the following picture.
  3. Decide which blog you will register with Google News, after it has been determined then click on “Request Inclusion In Google News”.
  4. Complete the information in the column provided and check the things that you think match your blog’s criteria.
  5. On the About your news site, fill in the description of your blog with no more than 1000 words.
  6. In Site Information there are many columns that must be filled, first Source Url: Fill in the Url of your blog. Source name: the name of your blog, Site Languange: Language you want to use, city: the city where you live, state / proince: the province where you live, and finally Region: the country where you live.
  7. In “Select All Categories That Apply to the content on your site” select a blog, because you are using a blog.
  8. In the “News sections information” URL section of the contents of the subdomain that you want to be reviewed by Google News, for example: And in the label section, select your blog category.
  9. Finally click submit. Then you have successfully registered a blog to Google News.
  10. Until Here, how to register google news just waiting for a review from the google news whether received or not.

After registering, then google news will monitor the development of your blog for 30 days. I suggest that you regularly update quality news articles, hot / trending during this review period. This is so that Google News believes in the quality of your blog and articles.

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