List of the Most Deadly Fanny Hero Counter

Fly then come with a wound and then disappear, like your ex, guys? Yup that’s the nature of the fanny, with the cable he comes and then releases a tornado, swipe then kill marksman, mage, assassin, continues to run away when the fanny energy starts to run out. The worst moment is when on our team’s side no one uses the hero counter / cc fanny, wow the auto mukad is swept clean by the fanny.

The characteristic of this fanny is high risk high reward, no wonder the makings are good as if the fanny is Over Power and many players complain (especially the noob) because they still don’t know how to counter Fanny, even though there are so many ways can be done to face / fight the soft hero on this one.

Actually, I’m a bit of a dilemma to share these tips because I myself am a Fanny user and Fanny is one of my favorite heroes in ML, here I will give tips and ways to fight Fanny and anything that makes me difficult when using Fanny. I will start from general / general tips first.

Avoid First Hits From Fanny
Usually, the fanny player will peek at the enemy position before performing a tornado, for example when you attack a minion automatically your position will be seen on the map. This first hit is very dangerous, if you are a mage / marksman / assassin user once a tornado is enough to reduce HP (Health Points) by 25% and energy fanny regen / full again and ready to set the cable again. If you’ve hit the first hit, the fanny just do 2x tornado and Ulti + skill 1 auto mukad deh.

I myself when playing fanny and failed to make a first hit to the enemy, usually immediately ran away because I already knew the ratio to kill enemies became reduced because the fanny energy was drained by almost half (2-3 cables to fly), from me it was impossible that the chance of a successful kill was very small and if it works even then usually there is no more energy to escape, so yes might die dikill by a friend of the enemy. so avoid this first hit from fanny.

Fanny’s Weak Points in Some Map Areas
There is an area where the fanny has a hard time aiming the cable right into the wall because of the small wall angle, which is when war / by one is in the LORD area. Note the red dots in the corner of the wall in the picture below, that is the part of the wall that is difficult to shoot by fanny. In this area, user fanny often runs out of energy due to miss cables.

List of Heroes Who Can Kill Fanny When By One (1vs1)

Moskov (marksman)
This is the hero I most avoid when war (5v5) or by one (1v1). This hero has a complete skill, Skill one can make him escape plus attack speed increases, skill 2 makes the enemy stun if his spear hits the wall and ulti in the form of a long-distance spear that can be used for the fanny’s spear when running away.

Martis (Fighter)
This hero is arguably very terrible, besides having a lot of knockback skills, Martis also has the Ultimate Executor skill that is almost equal to Karina. When he kills an enemy hero with an ultimate, then the ultimate can be used again, but the difference is that Ultimate Martis can be used again if he kills an enemy hero with only his ultimate. In contrast to Karina, if you kill an enemy hero with any skill or basic attack, the cooldown of her skills will be reduced to be used again.

Martis knockback skills become a fear for Fanny, because when he flies, he will be very disturbed by these skills. Ashura Aura’s skill will pull Fanny into the fan-shaped area he made, not to mention if it is added to the Mortal Coil skill that gives knockbacks up to 3 times. If these two skills combined Fanny will have difficulty flying, while dealing damage and knockback until Fanny’s hit point is dying, then it’s Martis chance to execute Fanny.

Saber (Assassin)
Saber is an assassin who has the ultimate skill CC or crowd control called Triple Sweep in the form of three combinations of movements, with great damage and crowd control. Of course Saber can defeat Fanny, especially if combined with a skill called Flying Sword where this skill will rotate the sword around the saber, if combined with the ultimate, this sword will merge with Saber and give additional damage to the hero that is the ultimate by Saber, however, this combination should not be used carelessly.

Try installments on Fanny’s hit point until it’s close to half of all hit points. You do this by using the Flying Sword skill, to avoid spam Fanny skills should be sufficient in installments with this skill, do not hit it directly. This combination is very good to be used to kill Fanny especially when the war is in progress.

Aldous (Fighter)
This hero is arguably the executor when the fanny runs away, when you use the Aldous hero make sure you save the ultimate carefully and pay attention to the movements of the fanny whether he is dying or not.

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