How to Increase the Speed of a WordPress Site Can Score 100 On Page Speed Insight

Because the title is a way to increase the speed of the wordpress site plus to be able to get sekor 100 in the Page Speed ​​Insight test tool, then there are 2 conditions that must exist on your site. The first provision is that your site must not be installed with Adsense ads or other advertisements, synchronous scripts in advertisements will delay rendering which will make your site only get a max score of 98.

The second provision is that your site hosting response speed must be below 0.2 milliseconds, some sites with a horting price below 400 thousand usually do not have server response speeds below 0.2ms, very rarely encountered.

So in this case consider your hosting location with a target visitor, although Page Speed ​​Insight might test with another location, for example your hosting is in Indonesia and targeted visitors in Indonesia. However, Page Speed ​​Insight tests with a Canadian server, of course this will affect the results of your server’s sekor and server speed in Canada, but the site remains fast if accessed from Indonesia.

If the conditions are met then your site has a chance to get a Score of 100 in the Page Speed ​​Insight test tool. But if it does not meet the above provisions, no problem, because this tutorial will still increase the speed of your WordPress site. Btw the above score results from dukuntekno blog using Blogspot hosting: v.

Optimize CSS Code Submission

When the browser assembles the appearance of your site, there are parts of the appearance of the site that must be directly displayed on the monitor before assembling the main content (text, images and videos). If you put all your CSS code in the style.css file, this will delay the assembly of the display until the style.css file is fully downloaded.

The solution should be to have CSS code written inline CSS on the html page, so CSS isn’t just written in the style.css file. Now here we use a combination of the Autoptimize plugin and the Critical CSS Tool, the Autoptimize plugin has the “Inline and Defer CSS” feature. With the help of the Critical CSS Tool, we can filter CSS code in the style.css file so that it can be written inline, with the following tutorial:

  1. Open the style.css file on your site and then copy all the existing CSS code.
  2. Open the style.css file on your site and then copy all the existing CSS code.
  3. After copying the CSS code from the style.css file, paste it on the following site paste in column 2 as shown below. In column 1 fill in the URL of your site address, then click “Create Critical Path CSS”. Then the CSS code appears that will be used as inline CSS, Copy all the code in the Critical Path column CSS “.
  4. After that, paste in the Auto Optimize pluggin, how to do it like in the picture below and don’t forget to Save Settings.

Optimize Javascript Code

To optimize the java script code you can use the features in the Autoptimize plugin, or you can also use features from other plugins. Note if you use other tools that have the same features so that they don’t collide with each other, for example the Autoptimize and WP Fastest Cache pluggins have some of the same features, such as JS Compression. Make sure you use one of the two plugins, not use it together.

Minify HTML

To optimize HTML code, you can take advantage of the features of the WP Fastest Cache plugin, to do that, just check the Minify HTML section. After that “Clear Chace and Minify CSS / JS”, then check the HTML code with the browser via “View Page Source”

Compress Images Into Webp Format Can Be Up To 90% Smaller
Webp is an image format that was introduced by Google for publishers, this format has advantages in terms of size per byte, Webp has a lossless and lossy height, and Google claims that Webp has a size of about 26% smaller when compared to the Jpeg and Png image formats. . Next How to Convert Png, Jpg, Jpeg Image Format to Free Offline Webp.

The picture above is a comparison of JPG, PNG and WEBP image formats. That’s it for the first tutorial this time. If you still haven’t managed to get a score of 100, try to create your own because maybe the WordPress template that I used has been doing optimization from the other side so I didn’t mention it above. That is all and thank you.

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