Complete Tutorial How To Edit Videos With Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the most popular applications for Android users, especially for YouTubers to edit videos to be uploaded on its channel. Kinemaster is very practical and inexpensive, because with an Android phone you can edit videos as you wish, rather than you having to buy a PC that is very expensive and impractical to carry.

Before going to the tutorial stage make sure you have installed the Kinemaster Pro application, you can download the latest version of Kinemaster Pro for free there Apkmodif by clicking the following download button.

1 Tutorial How to Make a Project Video

Before you go to the part where you can edit videos such as editing sound, backsound, crop video, adding text, etc. You need to create a project, first open the Kinemaster App, select the + logo as shown below.

Next, please select “Empty Project” as shown below, then you can edit videos such as editing sound, backsound, crop video, adding text, etc.

2 How to Add Videos to Project

After you create a project, here we can add videos by selecting “Media Browser” as shown below.

After selecting “Media Browser”, a list of videos will appear in your Android Smartphone Gallery. Choose the video you want to edit, you can choose more than one video. After completing the selection, click the checkmark in the upper right corner.

Then the selected video will appear in the project, like the following picture, where I have selected 3 videos that I will edit.

3 How to Cut / Crop Video in a Project

To cut a part of the video, you need to mark the video that is in the project, the selected video will be highlighted in yellow. The Options menu will also change to the Editor menu, after that select the scissors logo in the editor menu.

After selecting the scissors logo, a new menu will appear, “Trim to left of played”, “Trim to right of played” and “Split at played”. If so, click the checkmark logo.

4 How to Add and Edit Backsound Sounds in a Project

To insert sound into videos such as songs, music or others. Select “Audio”, then a list of song files stored on your smartphone. From the list of sound files that you have, please select the sound file you want to add next, click the plus logo (+) and click check.

To get rid of the default sound of a video, you can click on the video then select the “Speaker” icon then the sound editor menu appears for the selected video, then click the “Speaker” icon to mute the default sound of the video.

5 Ways to Add Text to Video

To insert text into the video, select “Layer” then select “Text” and after that you will be asked to enter text to be included in the video.

You can also change the font type, color, animation, how the writing will start and the animation when the writing will finish appearing. The following sample image text reads “Review cellphone” with a green font color.

6 How to Make a Video Transaction Animation

To provide a transition effect or animation of moving video 1 to the next video, please click the logo strip as shown by the arrow in the following image. Then select the type of transition, then click check.

How can you edit videos with kinemaster? My impression of the kinemaster is pretty good compared to the video editor that is usually found on PCs, the tools are not really good and the kinemaster is able to cut all the noise in the video editor app and choose the main functions as a video editor application.

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