Samsung Cancel All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Samsung has repaired the damage to the Galaxy Fold and confirmed the new release date for the folding phone, but consumers who pre-ordered earlier this year must be disappointed.
Samsung sent an email to consumers about canceling all pre-orders while rethinking the overall user experience regarding the sale of Galaxy Fold. The email was uploaded by a number of consumers, including YouTuber M. Brandon Lee via his personal Twitter account.
The Verge reports that Samsung representatives have confirmed that cancellations are made online through the Samsung website. Some parties assess Samsung’s move is unusual considering this device will be launched again in the near future.
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As compensation, Samsung offers consumers a credit of USD250 (Rp3.5 million) at the Samsung Store. This offer is still considered unable to cure the disappointment of consumers who have been waiting for Samsung’s innovative devices.
In an email sent, Samsung reasoned, the cancellation of the pre-order is done to ensure consumers get the best experience with this revolutionary new technology. Samsung also claimed to be rethinking all processes related to Galaxy Fold.
The process includes purchasing, opening the box, and services for Galaxy Fold, although it does not include detailed information in the e-mail sent to the customer. The Samsung representative also underlined the recently announced Galaxy Fold Premier Service.
The service is expected to be part of the new sales process offered by Samsung. In addition, this Samsung representative also promised to provide more detailed information ahead of the time of the Galaxy Fold launch.
Until now, Samsung has not held a pre-order program for the updated and improved Galaxy Fold version. Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available in South Korea on September 6.
While a number of other countries such as Germany, France, Singapore and the United Kingdom, the Samsung Galaxy Fold will be available on September 18. For the United States market, this device is rumored to be available on September 27.
Meanwhile, Samsung’s decision to bring back Galaxy Fold in South Korea on September 6 is called a new development of Samsung, because Samsung had planned to launch Galaxy Fold at the end of September. September 6 also coincides with the start date of the 2019 IFA Berlin event.

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